What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Anyone can slip and fall but when you do so because of someone’s negligence, you may have just reason for a lawsuit. Slip and fall accidents are very common – accounting for around 26 percent of injuries reported in the workplace according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’ve been injured in slip and fall accident, you probably never dreamed it would happen to you. Now, you’re in pain, racking up medical bills, are unable to work and it wasn’t your fault. Confused and stressed out, now you’re wondering what to do next.

You may even be apprehensive as to whether you should contact a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney or not. After all, the store owner didn’t intentionally leave boxes in the aisle or fail to put the “wet floor” sign up. Or maybe you tripped and fell at work when your boss forgot to wind up extension cords he had strung down the hallway.

Whatever the case is, most injured individuals don’t file a lawsuit because they want to get revenge or financial gain. They bring about a claim because they are put in a bad situation due to someone else’s negligence. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay. You shouldn’t have to risk your home, utilities, and car because you can’t work to foot the bills.

A Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer can help you navigate through the mess.

Nine Crucial Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

There are actions you must take if you hope to recover your losses. It is imperative to follow these steps if you want to have a successful case:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately.
    Your health and well-being must be attended to first and foremost. You won’t be able to take care of any business if you are not well enough. In addition, you may not realize you have some of the injuries you’ve sustained. Whiplash doesn’t surface for a few days typically and your banged up leg may reveal a fracture once it is x-rayed. If you are not checked out medically and end up getting headaches a week or two down the line, it can be difficult to prove them stem from the fall rather than an unrelated source. The diagnosis and records from the hospital emergency room or your doctor will play a key role in your claim.
  2. Pinpoint the cause of your fall if possible.
    The reason for your slip and fall may be obvious. And…may not be. Especially if you are still on the scene, take a good look around and note every detail you can. Embed everything in your mind to recall later like when you are speaking with a Slip and Fall Attorney Los Angeles. Did you fail to see the “wet floor” sign or was there no sign? Or perhaps going up to your apartment, you tripped and fell. As you surveyed the site, you noticed a chip in the concrete on one of the top stairs. Figuring out the cause of your slip and fall will be invaluable later on if you are the victim of someone else’s neglect. If you are in too much pain or shock to take mental notes at the time of the accident, go back and revisit the site as soon as possible.
  3. Take photos and/or a video.
    There’s so much value in the proof that lies in pictures. Not much argument can be made if you have a photo or video showing exactly what happened…and why. If you have your smartphone on hand, snap as many pictures as you can and add a video too. If witnesses are around, with their permission, get them in the mix. Don’t forget to document your injuries through photos too. Visual proof will win the jury over if your case goes that far.
  4. Get names and contact information.
    If there are witnesses who saw your slip and fall accident, ask for their full names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even physical addresses. Write them down on paper and put them in a safe place. If the property owner was there when you fell, the two of you may see things very differently. He or she may be on the defensive. The property owner may not have been on the scene which will make witness testimony equally as important to have. Witnesses are neutral parties who can help sort out a myriad of details. Once you’re hired a
    Slip and Fall Attorney Los Angeles, he or she will contact the witnesses and ask questions and get statements.
  5. File a formal injury report.
    Filing an official injury report is a vital step toward being compensated for your accident. If the owner of the property or manager on duty doesn’t suggest you file one, ask to do it yourself. If you are discouraged from filing, you know something is amiss. Insist on filing. When you are writing the report, provide as many details as possible. Your Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney will go over all the facts with you once you hire one. It’s easy to forget exactly what happened so fill out the report as soon as you possibly can.
  6. Request video footage documenting the accident.
    These days, there are security cameras everywhere. That will work to your advantage if one happened to catch your accident in motion. Even if the slip and fall wasn’t captured on the tape, it may still provide important facts so be sure to ask for it. If you are told you can’t have it, your Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney can usually secure it for you.
  7. Document everything. Keep a diary of everything you do, everyone you speak with, and all appointments, medical, legal, and otherwise. Write notes that jog your memory as to what went on at each encounter.
  8. Keep your lips sealed when it comes to the opposing insurance company.
    The insurance company that’s representing the owner of the property you were hurt at is not your friend. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay out money and everything you say and do can and will be used against you to try to prevent taking responsibility for the accident. Keep your mouth shut. Let your attorney deal witchancesh the insurance company.
  9. Get an attorney.
    You will need a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney to help you file and navigate a Personal Injury Claim. You want to hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in Slip and Fall accidents in Los Angeles like the experts at Point Law Group.

Hiring the Best Slip and Fall Attorney

If you are looking for a Slip and Fall Attorney in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the outstanding legal team at Point Law Group. Call today to arrange a no-obligation consultation free of charge at (310) 560-0606.

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