What is the average lemon law settlement in California?

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If you’re looking to buy a car in California, it’s important to be aware of your consumer rights. The state of California has some rather important consumer protection regulations under the state’s Lemon Law that protect buyers from purchasing a lemon of a vehicle – or what is perhaps more appropriately called a poorly performing or defective vehicle. In this article, lemon lawyer in California will help you understand more about lemon law.

Understanding how the law works and what qualifies as the unacceptable performance of a new or used vehicle will be critical when deciding whether to buy a Lemon Law buyback. The specifics of this law can also be equally important if you will be seeking legal recourse after the purchase because of unforeseen car troubles with the Lemon Law buyback down the line. 

This blog post will focus on discussing these types of scenarios. We’ll cover all things related, including the types of cars covered under California’s lemon law, protections offered in case of defective vehicles, remedies available for consumers who purchase faulty vehicles, and more!

What is the California Lemon Law?

The California Lemon Law is a set of consumer protection regulations that requires car manufacturers to repair, replace, or refund vehicles that have been deemed “lemons” due to some sort of defect.  It states that if the buyer of a new or used vehicle experiences persistent problems with the automobile—and it cannot be repaired after multiple attempts by the manufacturer—then the manufacturer must provide either a full refund or a replacement car of similar value.

The lemon law applies to cars within 18 months or 18,000 miles (whichever comes first) of purchase. It also covers leased vehicles during their lease terms and car rentals of more than four days. In some cases, it may even be possible to collect financial compensation outside of this window of time, depending on the nature and history of your claim.

What is the average settlement that a lemon attorney in Los Angeles can get?

The average Lemon Law settlement in California varies from case to case and is based on a variety of factors. Many times, the settlement amount depends on the severity of the lemon-related issue—and whether the manufacturer has been able to repair it within the stated warranty period. It also depends on the time and money you spent attempting to get your car repaired by the dealership or manufacturer. 

Every case is unique, and every resolution has its own individualized value. In general, the factors that usually influence the amount of a Lemon Law settlement include:

  • The associated defects
  • The nature and frequency of the repairs
  • The original purchase price of the automobile
  • The make, model, and year of the vehicle
  • The car’s mileage

In most cases, car manufacturers will attempt to negotiate a settlement before filing for a court hearing. These settlement negotiations can often result in a favorable outcome for both parties, with the consumer receiving either full compensation or a replacement vehicle from the manufacturer without having to go through a lengthy court process. 

If your case happens to go to court and you prevail, then you may be entitled to receive additional legal damages that include reimbursement for repair costs and the cost of rental cars while your lemon vehicle was being repaired.

The best way to protect yourself and ensure you receive an appropriate settlement is to partner with an experienced Lemon Law attorney who specializes in this type of legal representation. The best Lemon Law attorneys in Los Angeles will provide you with valuable legal advice on how best to handle your case. 

These lawyers are also happy to negotiate on your behalf with the car dealership or manufacturer for the maximum financial settlement possible.  And most of these lawyers work on a contingency basis—meaning, they don’t get paid until YOU get paid.

Types of settlements for ‘Lemon cars’

There are several types of settlements available for lemon cases. These types of settlements are typically negotiated by experienced Lemon Law attorneys and can result in substantial financial compensation. The most common types of settlements include:

  • Vehicle repurchase

When a vehicle purchase fails to live up to expectations and is deemed a “lemon,” consumers are eligible for repurchase. This option could entail reimbursement of the down payment, monthly payments, property taxes, and additional expenses like tow or rental car costs.  In some cases, your attorney can even obtain compensation for the remaining balance of your car loan. 

A skilled lawyer can help you weigh your options between this refund calculation and other potential outcomes available under state law. The only caveat? You may receive a mileage offset based on the amount of time that the vehicle ran properly before it malfunctioned.

  • Vehicle replacement

When a reputable and experienced lemon attorney in Los Angeles represents a consumer, they often strive for a vehicle replacement. They can seek the exact make/model of the originally purchased vehicle or one of equal value if that originally purchased model is no longer available. This type of resolution can also include extras, like refunding down payments and any previous repair costs. In some cases, lawyers can even find ways to waive mileage offsets while crafting an agreement between the manufacturer and the consumer through negotiation. 

  • Extended warranty

When the best lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles fight for their client’s best interests, they often aim toward a settlement that includes an extended warranty. This extended warranty can be extremely beneficial to the consumer because it usually covers the cost of the repairs or, if necessary, a replacement.  Additionally, this type of resolution guarantees continued coverage of the vehicle’s original defect and any subsequent ones caused by the initial issue. 

  • Cash and keep

When a vehicle is determined to be a lemon and your lemon attorney in Los Angeles is negotiating your settlement, they may push for an agreement that will result in something called “cash and keep.” This type of settlement generally entails paying off any remaining loan balance as well as offering compensation for repair costs and/or your original down payment. The best part? You get to keep the lemon, too! 

The average Lemon Law settlement can vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case.  That’s why it’s best to consult with an experienced attorney who specializes in Lemon Law transactions.   A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer will determine what kind of settlement best fits your individual needs while providing valuable advice on how best to proceed. 

Hiring the best lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles

If you’re thinking of purchasing a Lemon Law buyback, don’t hesitate to seek professional legal counsel immediately.  Look for an experienced lemon lawyer California from Point Law Group— preferably one who is also well-versed in the nuances of vehicle manufacturer policies. The attorney you choose must have a deep understanding of California’s consumer protection laws. For more information about hiring the best Lemon Law attorneys in Los Angeles, contact The Point Law Group today. 

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