What Color Car Gets Into the Most Accidents?

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Buying a new car can be exciting, and we often search for cars with the most reliable safety ratings. Although ensuring our protection is often at the forefront of our minds, the color of the vehicle isn’t typically given much thought. We frequently opt for colors based solely on personal preference or aesthetics, but studies have discovered that specific hues may potentially impact how safe your vehicle is. Best law firms for car accidents, we are aware of extensive research indicating that some shades are more likely to end up involved in automobile accidents than others. Searching for a car accident lawyer near me? Contact us now! 

What are the most dangerous car colors?

Although safety ratings are unaffected by car colors, black is the color least visible in low-light conditions. Furthermore, dark blue and gray similarly blend into evening environments.  Whereas red can be mistaken for stop signs or brake lights during nighttime. 

When selecting a car color, car accident lawyers recommend keeping car visibility in mind inn relation to your usual surroundings. If you live in an area with lots of trees, grass, and other vegetation, investing in something brighter than green may be wise to make sure that you’re visible on the road. But if desert landscapes are more common along your route, cream or beige-colored cars may blend right into the backdrop of sand dunes and mountains.


An abundance of research suggests that black cars are the most hazardous automobiles out there, with a potential for crashes soaring up to 20%. So, why are these vehicles more prone to accidents? The answer appears deceptively simple: visibility. Black motorcars tend not only to be hard to detect during nighttime hours but can also easily blend into their surroundings—going often completely unnoticed by other drivers on the road. Consequently, black vehicles can be easy targets for collisions unless you take extra precautions.

Grey or silver

Another two of the most dangerous car colors are grey and silver.  These vehicles have been demonstrated to be some of the riskiest according to car accident lawyers, with grey car owners facing an 11 percent higher collision danger compared to those driving the safest auto. Meanwhile, possession of a silver automobile results in a 10 percent elevated chance of a car crash compared to the most secure vehicles on the road. This connection between color and crash likelihood mostly has to do with visibility—it’s not especially easy for other drivers (or pedestrians) to spot grey or silver cars in dim light.

Dark blue

While blue cars are among the two most favored colors for vehicles in America, they tend to be more prone to accidents than black automobiles. Statistically speaking, their risk of being involved in a crash is 7 percent higher when compared to the safest color option on the road. Darker hues of blue seem particularly vulnerable and can easily blend into our environment due primarily to its resemblance with daytime sky’s hue—a which often makes them harder to spot at times.


Another of the most dangerous car colors is red.  With its boldness and vibrancy, red vehicles can be quite eye-catching. But how does this hue contribute to the risk of driving accidents? While it may seem that there’s too much red already on our roads–from traffic lights, brake lights, sirens, and road signs– drivers can struggle to recognize the difference between a car or truck painted red versus their background settings. This confusion has an impact when motorists are asked to distinguish one vehicle from another quickly while behind the wheel.

What are the safest car colors?

Research suggests white cars to be one of the safest car colors for drivers. This is because, in any light condition—from foggy to sunny days alike—white vehicles are 12% less likely than black ones to have an accident due to providing a stark contrast between the automobile and its surroundings, making it easier for motorists on the roadways to view them more prominently. Other of the safest car colors include: 


At least one study recently suggested that yellow cars are the safest on the highway, not white. The reason being is because of its extra vibrancy.  It stands out from all other colors during any time of day or weather condition. That’s why you typically see most taxis with a bright hue of yellow – for their visibility to be easily spotted on bustling city streets.


Not only do orange vehicles look stylish and modern, but they also offer a decreased likelihood of collisions due to their brightness. While white and yellow cars are recognizable on the road, an extra benefit is added when selecting orange—because few backdrops contain this same color, making it easier for orange cars to ‘pop’ out in comparison.

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If you are become involved in an automobile accident, hiring the best best law firms for car accidents is essential to ensure that your legal rights will be properly safeguarded, and you obtain the financial reimbursement you deserve. While it’s important to consider paint color when purchasing a new vehicle (for safety reasons), some other factors must also be considered, including driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), weather conditions, road conditions, distracted driving habits, and aggressive driving.

If you have been the victim of a car accident in Los Angeles, it is imperative that you take legal action right away. At Point Law Group, our attorneys and staff are passionate about safeguarding your rights post-accident and will conduct an exhaustive investigation to discern who was responsible for the crash. 

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