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Despite the security measures taken by automobile manufacturers, including seatbelts, airbags, and antilock brakes, a reputable lawyer for car accidents can’t ignore that one of our most perilous risks every day is getting into an automobile. Each year, thousands of fatal accidents take place on roads across America due to a variety of factors—putting both passengers and drivers at great risk. Disturbingly, statistics reveal an alarming rise in injuries caused by auto collisions despite safety precautions being taken.

The reasons why a person may encounter an automobile accident are multifaceted, such as the motorist’s physical or mental condition, other motorists’ activities on the road, and even street conditions. Moreover, another element that could contribute to an auto collision is the kind of vehicle being driven and whether it suits the regional terrain.

Although inexperience, speeding, and drunk driving are all common causes of car crashes often attributed to driver error, let’s examine the automobiles themselves. Are there certain makes and models that tend be more accident-prone than others?

Top auto accident lawyers do NOT recommend these vehicles

Analyzing crash data from 2016-2020 and vehicle sales numbers in 2021, we have identified the most accident-prone automobiles across the entire nation. These vehicles are responsible for the highest number of crashes occurring in the U.S., making them a key factor to consider when choosing your next car. Any reputable lawyer for car accidents will advise their clients to keep an eye out for the vehicles on this list if they want to stay safe while on the road—after all, safety is always paramount!

  1. Ford Fusion (Number of accidents per vehicles sold: 16.39%)

Top auto accident lawyers know that the Ford Fusion model, which was discontinued in 2021, experienced 1,931 crashes between 2016 and 2020 within the US alone. Despite its subsequent withdrawal from marketplaces that same year, it still sold 11,781 units—a figure resulting in 16.39% of collisions compared to the number of vehicles currently on roadways today.

After 2020, Ford’s North American 4-door car lineup was reduced with the Fusion ending its final model year. Numerous problems have been documented in relation to this vehicle, from engine stalls, fires, and lack of acceleration capabilities to transmission shifting issues, broken steering systems, and noisy creaks.  It seems there is always something wrong with this particular make! Even the lug nuts are especially tricky, causing many people plenty of frustration.

  1. Dodge (Chrysler) RAM (Number of accidents per vehicles sold: 10.82%)

With 10.82% of RAM drivers found to be responsible for an at-fault accident in the previous seven years, this brand’s owners are estimated to be the most reckless motorists in America. Surprisingly, even those who own RAM’s best-performing model were 11% more likely than others to cause a crash. But it gets worse.  If you drive a RAM 3500 truck, your chances of causing an accident rise by 53%, far exceeding the national average.

  1. Nissan Maxima (Number of accidents per vehicles sold: 7.00%)

The Nissan Maxima, a four-door sports car, places third to the Ford Fusion regarding its number of crashes per cars sold. Despite only 16,386 sales in 2020, it registered 1,147 crashes between 2016 and 2020—an impressive statistic considering its limited production.  Car and Driver Magazine has projected that Nissan will halt production of the Maxima in mid-2023 due to their shift to electric vehicles. 

  1. Ford Mustang (Number of accidents per vehicles sold: 3.67%)

Coming in at fourth place for crashes in relation to the number of vehicles sold is none other than the forever-popular Ford Mustang, which has been making headlines as one of the most sought-after sports cars worldwide. From 2016 to 2020, it was involved in 1,925 crashes within the United States alone, and yet it still managed to exceed 50,000 sales last year.  No wonder why it earned its spot among our top four crashworthy vehicles.

What does a reputable lawyer for car accidents do?

When you’re in search of the best auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles, it’s essential to find one that is well-versed with local and state laws pertaining to traffic collisions and pedestrian accidents. This legal expert will be able to provide reliable information on motorists’ legal rights according to California law as well as identify who should bear responsibility for any damages incurred. Furthermore, the top auto accident lawyers will work diligently towards obtaining fair financial compensation for an array of possible damages, such as:

  • Loss of wages
  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapies
  • Reconstructive surgeries
  • Emotional distress or trauma related to an accident
  • And so much more

When it comes to car crash claims, the top auto accident lawyers are informed and experienced in navigating these types of difficult cases. The perfect lawyer will provide you with wise counsel concerning your legal rights, help you decide if filing a case is appropriate, and take you through every step of the legal process. Equally important, they can effectively navigate the complex LA court systems while working hard to obtain full financial compensation on your behalf.

Hiring the best auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles

When searching for the best auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles to tackle your case, it is critical that you take time to meticulously research and examine different candidates. Make sure they have a long history of successfully resolving vehicle collisions occurring within Los Angeles.  This should be an essential factor when picking an attorney who will effectively handle your situation.

When it comes to obtaining justice and financial restitution after a car accident, hiring a top auto accident lawyer is not only a good idea—it’s essential. To ensure you have someone who will fight for your rights, look for an experienced lawyer for car accidents with expertise in local laws and court systems. With the perfect balance of trustworthiness and legal expertise, the best lawyers will help guide you to achieving success in your case.

When the right attorney stands beside you, your legal rights are safeguarded, and you acquire complete financial compensation for all losses caused by another party’s negligence. With an experienced attorney on your side, justice will prevail!  For more information on hiring the best auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles, contact The Point Law Group today. 

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