What are the types of commercial litigation?

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Do you need trusted Los Angeles business litigation lawyer in navigating a business dispute? While trying commercial litigation can seem scary, having the basic knowledge is key for any business owner or manager who may find themselves in any kind of legal situation. In this article, we will dive deeper into the different types of commercial litigation that can help your company resolve and address disputes more effectively.

We’ll explore topics like breach of contract cases, intellectual property infringement, issues of antitrust, torts, debt collection actions, and more. You will also be able to gain insight into how these procedures work and the possible consequences that are associated with each of them.

Here are nine distinct types of commercial litigation specialties:

1. Breach of contract cases

A breach of contract has taken places when one party in the group fails to meet its intended obligations and/or duties laid out in a pre-defined contract between two or more parties. When a contract is breached, the opposite party has legal remedies on their side, including the ability to sue for financial damages or seek an injunction in order to prevent any future breaches. Breach of contract cases involve examining the language used in contracts and any associated evidence related to performance under the contract. Los Angeles business litigation lawyers are knowledgeable about how best to resolve these disputes, which may include negotiating a settlement or representing their clients in a court of law, if necessary.

2. Intellectual property infringement

Intellectual property infringement is when a business or individual uses the intellectual property of another party without permission. This can include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. A Los Angeles business attorney will protect companies from intellectual property infringement by helping them understand their rights and obligations under the law. These commercial litigators can also advise on additional strategies to prevent these issues from arising in the first place. 

3. Issues of antitrust

Antitrust laws are designed to promote fair competition between companies and protect consumers from exploitative practices like price-fixing and market dominance. A Los Angeles business lawyer can help your company understand what restrictions exist for certain types of activities and provide counsel on how best to avoid antitrust violations. An experienced attorney will also advise you on how to respond if your company is accused of a violation.

Laws of antitrust are designed to support fair and equal competition between different companies as well as protect consumers from being exploited, such as price-fixing and market dominance. A business lawyer in Los Angeles can help you and your company understand which restrictions exist for certain types of approaches, as well as provide counsel on how to avoid antitrust laws in the future. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to advadviseu on how to respond if your company is in fact accused of a violation.

4. Torts 

A tort is a civil wrong based on negligence, carelessness, or intent (e.g., libel or slander). If one party causes harm to another by their actions, then the injured party may be able to sue for damages to recover monetary compensation for losses suffered. Los Angeles business litigation lawyers help companies understand and assess their risk regarding torts and provide guidance on the steps to take if they are facing legal action. 

5. Debt collection actions 

Debt collection is when creditors attempt to collect payment from those who owe them money. The best commercial litigators are extremely knowledgeable about the different laws and regulations that govern debt collection activities, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. An experienced attorney will advise their client on how to approach debt collection actions and explore options for resolving disputes without litigation. 

6. Civil Rights matters

Civil rights matters involve violations of an individual’s constitutional or statutory rights, such as discrimination based on race, age, or gender. The best business attorney in Los Angeles will be expertly knowledgeable about civil rights law and have a proven track record of success regarding the protection of individuals from civil rights abuses. An experienced attorney will help you understand your legal options for protecting those liberties and seeking justice when they have been violated. 

7. Class actions

A class action lawsuit can be filed on behalf of a group of people who have experienced the same harm or the same loss due to the same culprit. Los Angeles business attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of class actions and will help you determine whether your case qualifies for this type of lawsuit.  They will even assist with filing the necessary paperwork. 

8. Rights to privacy and data security

The rise of technology has resulted in a tremendous increase in personal and business data stored electronically. Commercial litigation attorneys are experts in the laws and regulations surrounding data privacy and security, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act. An experienced attorney will provide legal counsel on best practices for protecting your data.  They will also provide guidance and legal assistance if there is a breach. 

These are just some of the types of commercial litigation that you might encounter when running your business. Los Angeles commercial litigators have experience navigating these complex areas of the law while providing sound legal advice to quickly resolve disputes and move forward with minimal disruption. With their help, you can rest assured knowing that any legal issues arising from business transactions will be handled in a timely, effective manner. 

Hiring the Best Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer

Commercial litigation covers a wide range of areas and has many nuances to consider. The best Los Angeles business attorneys are well-equipped to handle these cases and provide legal advice on how best to approach disputes to obtain a favorable outcome. Click here to learn more about What does a business litigation attorney do?

Understanding the several types of commercial litigation available is essential for any business owner or manager who wants to navigate potential legal issues quickly and cost-effectively. When interviewing different lawyers with varying specialties, be sure to ask questions about their experience in the specific area of litigation you may be facing. Asking the right questions will ensure that your business attorney is equipped to handle any dispute and provide legal counsel that best fits the unique needs of your business. 

The importance of having an experienced Los Angeles business litigation lawyer on retainer cannot be overstated. With the right team of commercial legal counsel, you can have peace of mind knowing that any disputes and other legal challenges are handled quickly, effectively, and with minimal disruption to your business operations. For more information on hiring the best business attorney in Los Angeles, contact The Point Law Group today. 

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