What Are the Points to Keep In Mind in Slip and Fall Case?

Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney

Accidents like slipping, stumbling, or falling can occur anywhere, even in your house. It is the duty of a property owner to make sure that all visitors to their premises are safe.

You are entitled to compensation if you or a loved one trips, slips, or falls inside the premises of someone else’s property. At Point Law Group we know that slip and fall incidents can result in superficial and major injuries. But no matter what kind of injury you suffer, the property owner is liable for premises liability.

The Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney is familiar with the scope of the premises liability in your situation. In cases where the property owner is at fault for the accident, you have a legal right of recourse. As your legal time, we will ensure that you are clear about your rights and we will assist in getting the best settlement amount for your loss.

Important points to keep in mind in slip and fall injury cases:

But before jumping on to further details about slip and fall cases, it is important to understand that there are some things you should do whenever you meet any slip and fall accident. Following is a list of dos and don’t in case of slip and fall injury:

  • Get medical attention

Finding medical help should always be the first step. Slips and falls might not seem dangerous, especially if there is little to no bleeding. However, interior injuries that could result in hospitalization or even death could happen to slip-and-fall victims.

Trivializing a fall can sometimes lead to missing fractures that don’t manifest themselves until much later in the sufferer’s life after the victim is already out of time to file a claim. It is essential to have the hospital or clinic document the type of injuries and what caused them when receiving treatment. 

  • Report the slip and fall

Reporting the accident should be the next step. In any case, victims should seek out the management, landlord, or owner and file a formal report about the slip and fall incident.

Before leaving the scene, make sure to collect a written record on the slip, trip, or fall because it can be difficult to do so later. In the report, accurate information on the trip, fall, and slide should be recorded.

  • Document details

It’s important to meticulously document what happened in order to guarantee the veracity of your report of what transpired. It’s possible to document slip and fall incidents by taking pictures, making videos, and noting specifics. It makes it simple for slip-and-fall attorneys to gather evidence for the court case by keeping a record of the incidents.

Additionally, it’s critical to get the contact information of any witnesses who observed the accident occur. Any witnesses who are prepared to provide the information should have their full names, phone numbers, and email addresses on hand.

  • Do not give a statement

Experienced landlords and property owners are likely to have quick access to legal counsel in the case of commercial property. As a result, you don’t want to make a statement that hurts your case. If the owner of the property seeks a statement, kindly refuse.

It’s crucial to refrain from sharing any information about the incident or injuries on social media. All information should be gathered and kept private.

Be careful not to provoke the property’s managers or owners into a rage. Avoid talking more than necessary and hold your tongue about the injury.

  • Hire a qualified Los Angeles slip and fall attorney

There are legitimate grounds for a claim for those who have brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other ailments on a home or commercial property.

Consequently, hiring a law firm like Point Law Group is the next step. While it may appear that slips, trips, and falls are straightforward civil lawsuits, they are not. The defendants in slip and fall lawsuits that could result in compensation frequently challenge the claims vehemently.

You risk not only receiving no compensation but also being countersued if you don’t have a team of accident lawyers that are qualified and driven and who have had experience with other premises liability cases before defending your case.

  • Continue honoring medical appointments

Maintain your commitment to your scheduled medical appointments after hiring a lawyer. When presenting your claim for compensation for slip and fall damages, the hospital or clinic records may be crucial.

Your commitment to the treatment plans demonstrates that your injuries were severe enough to require a treatment plan. Attending every appointment for therapy may also speed up your return to good health. This helps to carry on with your regular activities even as the trial is still ongoing.

What does Los Angeles slip and fall attorney provide?

We know that you are constantly pondering the reasons for hiring a slip and fall attorney. Being in the legal business for years, we are aware of the different reasons to hire a slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Expertise and experience

A slip and fall attorney will be able to tell the difference between a case where you might receive just recompense and one where you’re more likely to lose out on money.

An accomplished slip and fall attorney in the city is aware of the kinds of settlements that are reasonable for particular injuries. Because they have been in the business for a long time, the attorneys at Point Law Group are familiar with both the settlement precedents and the law as it relates to slip and fall accidents.

  • Legal know-how

Because of the experience we hold in slip and fall accident cases, we understand the state limitations. The awareness of what are the chances of getting a claim settlement is important. It helps to build the case in an organized manner.

Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney

At Point Law Group we ensure that you will find the best legal advice for your slip and fall case. Our team of lawyers carefully listens to your case and accordingly gives their view about the right course of action. So, if you are searching for a slip and fall attorney to claim settlement, you now know whom to contact. Contact us today at (310) 560- 0606.

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