The Main Causes of Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents

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As motorcycle accident lawyer near me, we have witnessed the devastation that catastrophic accidents cause. Any motorcycle operator would benefit from knowing the reasons behind motorcycle collisions and the places where risk can be reduced or eliminated. Let’s look at the most major factors that cause motorcycle accidents. We’ll also have advice on what to do if you or a loved one is hurt in one. If you are recently involved in a motorcycle accident, contact an experience motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles now!

1. Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse

Operating a motorcycle while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs is illegal and extremely risky. A person driving under the influence might not be aware of the road signs, traffic lights, and other road users. They might experience difficulty making simple decisions, such as braking or chaing lanes.

2. Collisions

Cars and motorbikes can collide head-on if one of the vehicles swerves out of its lane and into the path of the other. Although head-on collisions only account for 2% of all vehicle crashes, they result in a disproportionately high number of fatalities or serious injuries.

3. Lane Filtering/Splitting

Motorcycles are permitted to be driven between lanes of stationary or slow-moving traffic in some states, including California. The motorcycle rider weaves through traffic at a faster than legal speed, raising the possibility of injuries in the event of an accident. Inattentive drivers might also miss the motorcycle moving alongside their car, resulting in a collision as they change lanes.

4. Changing Lanes

Accidents that occur when drivers of other vehicles switch lanes frequently involve motorcycles. Sadly, some motorists change lanes without even giving their rearview mirror a full glance. Due to narrower profiles, motorcycles are more likely to be hit by vehicles changing lanes or switching lanes. And this can be made even more difficult by the presence of a blind spot, which in this context is an area that can’t be seen in the vehicle’s mirrors. 

Motorcyclists can reduce their chances of being involved in these types of accidents by watching for road signs when about to turn. Additionally, they can consider changing their speed to get out of the vehicle’s blind spot.

5. Weather and the Seasons

Motorcycle accidents can be brought on by bad weather because it reduces visibility and makes roads slick. In the event of an accident, motorcycle riders are not protected by any steel structures and only have a few safety features. Like pilots, motorcycle riders should plan their trips and commutes, including checking the local weather. In exceptional cases, a city’s failure to salt icy roads in a timely manner may subject it to liability.

6. Abrupt Halts

All of us have experienced sudden stops in traffic on a highway. Operators of motorcycles or passenger vehicles do not collide as a result of these encounters. But they can also be more deadly. Due to the lack of seat belts on motorcycles, a sudden stop may cause a rider to be thrown from their bike and into oncoming traffic or another vehicle.

7. Defects With Motorcycles

If serious injuries result from an accident caused by poor design or manufacturing, the damages could be substantial. Cases involving motorcycle defects, like those involving road defects, are complex and call for the assistance of a skilled lawyer.

8. Real Life Example: Eimers v. Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Years ago, a motorcycle kickstand flaw that led to the bike spinning out of control during a turn rendered a 27-year-old man quadriplegic. The man sued Honda, but the defendant declined to negotiate a settlement. The man received a $19.8 million jury verdict for his trial-related injuries.

9. Inattentiveness

There is a risk that riding in a parking lot isn’t going to adequately prepare motorcyclists for the dangers of the open road. Regrettably, many motorcyclists hit the road without fully appreciating the risks involved. Not only may people be given false hope by ride safety programs, but the training sessions they provide may not be sufficient to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring.

Inattentiveness and distraction can be fatal. When seconds count, a motorcycle driver’s reaction time may be slowed even if they are not actively distracted by anything. This happens if their mind wanders and they are not paying attention to defensive driving.

10. Corner Turning

A rider who enters or turns into a corner too quickly runs the risk of losing control and falling off the bike. Accidents caused by riders losing control on turns can be combated by riding at safe speeds. “Slow in, fast out” is a good general principle to follow when navigating turns and corners. Approaching a turn at a safe speed can save many lives.

11. Making a Left Turn

All drivers in California must abide by the left-turn restriction law, including motorcycle riders. Failure-to-yield situations can happen when drivers of passenger cars fail to notice motorcyclists approaching an intersection. For motorcyclists, intersection collisions can be fatal.

12. Bad Road Conditions

While certain road conditions might not be dangerous for a passenger car, they could be fatal for a motorcycle rider. When informed of an impending threat, the government must act swiftly to mitigate it. The following are a few instances of risky road conditions:

  • No guardrails
  • Cracks
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Inoperative traffic signals
  • Debris from road construction
  • Uneven pavements

Since a vehicle on two wheels can lose its balance more easily than a four-wheeled automobile can, motorcyclists should exercise extra caution when riding on wet or slippery roads.

Suing a government entity can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Hiring an attorney who specializes in wrongful death or personal injury cases and has experience litigating against governmental entities and cases involving dangerous road conditions will improve your case’s odds of success.

13. Mental and Emotional Instability

It takes full attention and focuses to safely ride a motorcycle. Daydreaming or letting your mind wander while riding is dangerous because there is no “autopilot.” Distractedness, lack of focus, and risky behavior can cause a collision, and these risks are exacerbated in riders who are experiencing negative emotions, fatigue, anger, or mental fog.

Don’t just drive because you have a driving license, you shouldn’t always drive. Rearranging the trip or using a different mode of transportation, like a passenger car or ride sharing car, such as Uber, may be safer. Remember that driving while not being in the right mental state can cause an accident and liability for injuries.

14. Car Doors

Open car doors continue to be one of the main factors contributing to motorcycle accidents despite numerous public awareness campaigns. It’s possible that motorcycle riders won’t have enough time to react in time if a car door opens in front of them. In such a situation, an accident is simply inevitable.

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