How Car Accident Attorney in LA Creates an Impact?

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Point Law Group, LLP is your place if you have recently been in a car accident. We are a team of professionals aiming to help all the victims of auto accidents in getting their due share of compensation and damage recovery. So far as auto accident lawyers Los Angeles we are working to get financial and medical care for our clients.

Clearly, we understand how traumatic it can get when you are the victim of an auto accident that occurs due to the negligence of the other party. But we also know that car accidents happen very frequently and the fight to get your claim becomes tougher.

What to do when you get into a car accident?

When an individual gets into a car accident, he or she may not be able to gather their thoughts at once. Point Law Group, LLP provides guidance to car accident victims and the general public in understanding their role immediately after the accident. 

So when you are in a car accident, there are some key steps that every person should follow. These are:

  • Dial 911

The first and most important step is to call 911. Make sure you inform the authorities irrespective that you are a victim or the person responsible for the accident. Furthermore, you must ask for a copy of the police reports. These reports are very useful when filing medical care cost claims. Please ensure that you are providing the right details about your location and the extent of injuries during the call itself.

  • File an accident report

Then comes the step of filing an accident report. Irrespective of the intensity of the accident, filing an accident report is important. This report acts as proof when you claim damages from the other party’s insurer. 

  • Note down the details of the whole act

So many times, the victim as well as the other people being part of the accident forget the chain of events. It is important for you to remember the details of the accident. Recall the moments before the accident. Make sure you note down the complete details starting from moments before the accident until after the accident.

  • Gather evidence

Then comes the part that will help you fight for justice. Start gathering evidence in the form of witness statements, camera recordings, or any other source that is admissible. Save the photos and videos of the accident scene for future reference.

  • Hire a car accident lawyer

Lastly, you must immediately contact a car accident lawyer. Being a part of an auto accident is itself traumatic. Moreover, you may not be aware of the legalities that surround the car accident case. Just by hiring Point Law Group as your car accident lawyer you can be sure that your best interests will take priority. All the evidence gathering, claim negotiation and court hearing become our responsibility. 

Reasons why you need Point Law Group:

We take immense pride in being one of the best law firms in Los Angeles. The experience of team and the zeal to serve the clients right is what keeps us going. While we are continuously serving different clients with their legal requirements, there are many reason that you should know before you make your mind for hiring us. 

As an established law firm, we will provide the following:

  • In-depth understanding of car accident law

Being law practitioners, each and every member of the firm understands the law in-depth. This knowledge is not available with all the citizens who are dealing with car accident cases. There is hardly any person who is familiar with the laws surrounding the auto accidents. We as your legal team ensure that you are understanding the details of the case properly. Using our experience we aim to make the whole legal process less daunting and intimidating for the victim. Just by hiring us, you can be rest assured that an experienced lawyer is working day in and day out to represent you in the best manner possible.

  • Assistance with the damages

A car accident is not just about insurance claim. Infact, an auto accident involves aspects like insurance claim, property damage, lost income, medical bills, and compensation for any other kind of damage. 

Now evaluation of damages and arriving at the right cost that can compensate the victim to the best level possible is the role of the legal team. Point Law Group ensures that you face no difficulty in calculation and determination of appropriate costs. As per the law, our team works constantly to make the client whole of the damages that he or she incurs because of the accident. 

  • Claim negotiation

In order to get the insurance claim and to get the due compensation a long negotiation is mandatory. Having been the victim of the accident and with no proper experience of legal negotiations, it can be very tough to fight for the right thing. By hiring Point Law Group as your legal representation you can be sure that we are fighting rightfully in your corner. As active members of claim negotiations, we help in optimizing the negotiation process. The end goal is to get you the maximum possible financial compensation.

Auto Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

Point Law Group uses knowledge and experience to get the right compensation for car accident victims. We are aware that personal injury can be very tricky and our aim is to simplify the same for you. Anything from drafting a complaint, filing a case, evidence gathering, or in court representation, we will stand beside you at all times. 

Undoubtedly, car accident cases can take years to settle. Furthermore, the victim has to struggle a lot physically as well as mentally when they encounter any accident. As a law firm, we ensure that you are focusing on your recovery. Our team is working on closing the case successfully at the earliest. Speak to an auto accident attorney today! Contact us for a free consultation at (310) 560-0606.

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I was in a recent auto accident and thank goodness I found Point Law Group. I contacted them and they responded immediately, answered all my questions, and started to take care of all my needs. Very professional staff and attorneys, hope you don’t need them, but if you do, call them right away! Thank you Point Law!

– BZ

Troy Mueller joined my case at the request of one of his fellow attorneys. Ultimately Troy handled the case to and through its resolution. I have had decades of experience working alongside attorneys, and I was fortunate to have received Troy’s very dedicated and talented representation in this case. Troy’s representation was aggressive, responsive and most importantly effective. Troy earned my complete trust and thus my highest recommendation. During the lengthy legal processes, Troy was optimistic, smiling and pleasant to work with. Troy’s advocacy was flawless. Unlike others I have worked with Troy sought my input at the proper times and frequently used same to benefit the case. Troy was fearless throughout, and brought the case to a successful and meaningful conclusion.

– Anonymous

The attorneys of Point Law Group were exceptional at helping me to resolve my legal issues. I always had an attorney speak to me whenever I called. My questions were promptly answered and my issues were completely resolved. I was fortunate enough to have direct contact with all three attorneys who were polite, compassionate, considerate, and understanding. If anyone has a personal injury or civil litigation issue they should contact Point Law Group because the attorneys fight vigorously for their client’s interest and make legal battles a walk in the park for the client. Thank you Point Law Group for all your hard work! Your firm was exceptional.

- FM
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