Do You Need a Lawyer for Lemon Law?

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New cars are expensive and in the recent past have been more and more difficult to find. Buying a used car is becoming more common than ever. If you feel you may have purchased a lemon car, you may be wondering if the Lemon Law applies to used cars. Fortunately, in many instances it does. The guidelines and regulations within the California Lemon Law can be complicated, especially where new cars are concerned. You’ll want to contact a California Lemon Law Lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws and can help you navigate through the process.

You can be sure that the opposition’s lawyers are intent on getting out of compensating you or paying as little as possible. You’ll be wise to have an attorney by your side.

Does California Lemon Law Apply to Private Sales?

If you purchased your lemon from a private seller, it is sold “as is” due to the nature and definition of private sales of vehicles. A buyer’s rights are very restricted when buying straight from an individual.

There is a chance you may have coverage under the law if the car you bought in a private sale has a warranty that is still active and transfers to you. Still, have the allotted amount of attempts at repair already taken place? Has the four-year limit past? These are all great questions to ask you Lemon Law Lawyer Los Angeles.

When Are You Covered with a Used Car?

California’s Lemon Law is the state’s version of the national law that protects consumers from being stuck with defective merchandise such as a car or truck. The vehicle must be warrantied at the time of purchase. The manufacturer gets a reasonable number of attempts at fixing a problem after which the vehicle is declared a lemon.

If you purchased your used car at a retail sales lot, you’re in luck as long as it was warrantied. The problem must have occurred when the warranty was in effect and you must take it to a mechanic shop that is certified to do the work. When it is deemed unrepairable, the manufacturer must “buy back” the vehicle or if you are on board, trade for the exact same vehicle but one that is in working order.

When it comes to applying the Lemon Law to your used car, never settle from less than you are legally entitled to.

The Way the Law Works

You will have the option of going into arbitration with the dealership to see if a quick fix can be applied by way of a negotiated price for your vehicle. The dealership’s goal is much different from yours. They want to get off the hook as cheaply as possible while you are needing your money back. It can be tempting to take any offer made to you and you may be lead to believe that their offer is the best you’ll get. Such is usually not the case, however.

With a good Lemon Law Lawyer Los Angeles, your chances are good for getting every penny you paid for your used car plus anything you’ve put into it such as car insurance, registration, tags, inspection, repair bills, cab fare when your vehicle wasn’t running, and even your attorney fees.

You may be thinking you can’t afford a lawyer when just the opposite is true. You really can’t afford not to have one.

How a Lemon Lawyer Can Help

An experienced California Lemon Law Lawyer can help you by navigating through the legal system that he is familiar with and you are not. He or she can also be helpful in taking on the legal giants the manufacture will have as legal experts on his or her side. Without an attorney, you can expect to get mauled in arbitration or in court if you take it to trial. Even a task as minor as filing the claim can be complicated for someone who is not a lawyer. Your attorney will take care of that for you and will assists you in rounding up paperwork you’ll need in court.

What the manufacturer won’t usually tell you is that you don’t have to go to arbitration. And if you choose to, you don’t have to take the results. You are not bound to them but the manufacturer is.

Your Lemon Law Lawyer Los Angeles will shoot you straight. He or she is on your side. You can also expect to recover much more if you go to trial with an attorney. You may get more than just the full price you paid for the used car. You may be entitled to any money you sunk into the car such as inspection, registration, mechanic fees, insurance payments, taxi fares for when you were without a vehicle, and even your attorney fees.

You need an attorney. You are not required to have one and the manufacture hopes you don’t get one. If you do decide to hire one, be sure to do your research. Sit down and have a free consultation and make sure you approve of the lawyer. Check credentials and read reviews of past clients, preferably from third party sites that are not partial to the law firm. Once you have chosen who you feel is the best California Lemon Law Lawyer, you can breathe easy. Everything will become much less stressful.

Hiring a California Lemon Law Attorney

If you are looking for an the best, most experienced Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles who will passionately fight for your rights, turn to the experts at Point Law Group. With hundreds of successful Lemon Law cases under their belts, Point Law Group is the team you want backing you. Call today to set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation – (310) 560-0606.

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