5 Reasons You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles CA

Personal injury lawyer los angeles ca

Being in a car accident is traumatic and the legal processes are cumbersome, which is why you may need a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles CA. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be confused about whether to appoint a personal injury lawyer or not. You may have questions like when the right time is to contact a lawyer or how they will proceed with your case. Read on to find out these answers.

There is no set answer to these questions. Although there is no time restriction, it is recommended to get in touch with a personal injury attorney los angeles california (CA) shortly after you meet with an accident. This ensures that you get the right guidance at every step from the beginning. You may even appoint an attorney on a contingency basis.

#1. They intermediate on your behalf with insurance carriers

Be prepared before you meet your lawyer. Make a note of the different things to discuss with them. Some of them include discussing medical bills and property damages. Your lawyer works with you to ensure that your claims for hospital bills as well as vehicle damages are met promptly. This helps you to get your car ready to drive soon.

When an investigation team arrives at the spot of your accident, they ask specific questions to you and the other parties involved. Once they release you, remember to initiate your property damage claim process immediately with the assistance of your attorney. Also, begin the process for medical claims as soon as you step out of the hospital. Your personal injury lawyers will help to mediate between all of the different people that relate to your accident in order to ensure that you can focus on healing, and getting everything back to normal.

#2. It helps to avoid any statute of limitation issues due to medical malpractice

When you need to put a claim for medical malpractice, acting on time is essential. There may be some state statutes of limitations. According to these limitations, you need to give notice to the doctor within a limited period. If you think you are a victim of medical malpractice, contact your attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer needs to do a lot of work for such claims. Make sure that you act timely and give them sufficient time to prepare a better case for you, but when you have a lawyer it helps to ensure that everything is taken care of in time.

#3. A lawyer helps to fight against an insurance company

Insurance companies are experienced in dealing with situations such as claims for an accident. They have an appointed team of lawyers, an ample amount of money and other necessary legal resources. To fight against them, you need to be equally equipped.

This is why it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. Back yourself with a team of experts you can trust. Whether the insurance company is yours or of the other driver/s, their priority is their interests. They will try to minimize their costs at your expense.

To ensure you play an even field against them, hire an attorney who will look after your interests. Your personal injury lawyer represents you and negotiates on your behalf. Do not try to manage everything on your own. Report the facts of the accidents and leave the legal proceedings to the experts.

#4. They make sure you’re surrounded by the best

To get the most out of your claims, you should not only have a good lawyer but also a good doctor. Your lawyer has the right knowledge of the personal injury laws in the state. They can recommend good medical experts for you. Pick the right physician who will treat you well as well as become a witness in your case if it goes to a trial. You need to work with experienced doctors who understand the meaning of testifying in court and can even explain how your injury will impact you in the future.

#5. A personal injury lawyer has backup

Your personal injury lawyer may have a team of other resources. For instance, some law firms appoint medical experts who can understand your medical records well and assess your claim. They can be an intermediary between you and your doctor. They can help you seek the right treatment as well as appropriate personal injury claims. Additionally, they present your case in a detailed and professional manner.

Some personal injury lawyers may also have an investigative staff on their team. The investigative team works with you to build a strong personal injury claim case. They assist to recreate the scene of the accident and make notes of important details. They play a vital role as they give crucial information to your lawyer, who then uses it to build your case. Their information helps during trials or while negotiating with the insurance company to offer you the best possible claim settlement.

Is it important to have a personal injury lawyer?

Let’s come back to our initial question: should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

Once you have understood the proceedings, you now know how a personal injury lawyer can take you closer to winning a case. You may not realize, but a collision at the mere speed of 5 mph is capable of causing significant damage to your neck, back and spine. Even if you think your case is simple, your best option is to hire a personal injury lawyer.

The other players in your case may be experts and well-equipped. Thus, it is important for you to seek the guidance of a professional. It minimizes your risks and ensures peace of mind. In most cases, if the lawyer does not win you a claim, they may not even charge you.

Where to find the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles?

If you are in search of a trusted personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, you have landed at the right place. Point Law Group, LLP is experienced in settling claims worth millions of dollars.

Our expert lawyers work with you throughout the process to get you the best possible settlement. Our team runs a thorough evaluation of your case and gives you personal attention at all times. So, if you have been injured in an accident, act timely and book your free consultation with us today. 

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